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From Tim Ferriss podcast with Adam Robinson. The whole episode can be listened to here. The bit below can be  listened to from 53:03

Adam is living by these three rules of success:

1) Fun, enthusiasm and delight in everything you do - with focus on the other person. 
2) Connecting with everyone you encounter, however fleeting it is (taxi drivers, barista etc)
3) Lean into every moment, every encounter, everyone you meet expecting miracles 

The interesting thing with the three points is that none of them have anything to do with me. It has to do with the other person. So with 1) in mind, if you are going to a job interview, meeting and investor or a going on a date and let´s use specifically the interview: Forget that you are going on an interview, focus on delighting the other person - make a connection - as opposed to getting the job.

What this does is give you infinite power. Because you want nothing, and you are offering everything.

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